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Finding the Right Bicycle

If you are on the hunt for a new bicycle and don’t realize what it is you need, then you are setting out for an exciting venture. Millions or maybe even billions of people around the world use bikes. Most people use their bicycles as a leisurely hobby or as part of their fitness regimen, while others use them for serviceable means. The cycling business is colossal and over the years a lot of modernizations have come about. So it really is in your best interest to learn the specifics before you pay for something.

Determine Purpose

The first thing you need to do is decide what sort of riding you would like to engage in. The locations where you will be riding your bike will always make a huge difference. If you will be staying on fairly uniform ground when you are riding your bike, if should not be necessary for you to get a more extreme bicycle. The build of a standard bicycle is more lightweight than that of an all terrain bike. The road bike tires will be very thin compared to the mountain bike, too. When riding a touring bicycle, the rider may need to lean forward for more power and will be able to with the inclusion of curved handle bars. The mountain bike is dual purpose; you will be able to do off road riding as well as touring.

With these types of bicycles, you’re getting what you pay for (you know the old expression!). They’re all kinds of bikes, many that are exquisite to look at, yet will be cost effective to own. The problem is that, even though they look great, they will not be lasting for very long.

Materials and Construction

It’s not only the quality of construction but also the materials and craftsmanship involved. You could find yourself replacing parts on a regular basis if you get one of these bikes since they are not designed to last more than a couple months. Despite the low price, all of the upkeep will make you realize that you made a bad purchase after all.

If you want to do mainly touring or long-distance riding with your bicycle, then you want to get a good quality touring frame. In this case you’ll want this type of frame, which is lighter than most but sturdy enough to hold a good amount of weight. For this purpose, you need a decent drive train, though you probably don’t want to buy the costliest ones you can find. You should look into drive trains so you can find one that suits your needs. Look for eyelets on the dropouts in the rear as well as the fork and seat stays. These threaded holes are for mounting racks in the front and rear and are indicative of touring frames.

Here is something to get you off to a good start, if you find that choosing a bicycle can be awe-inspiring, if not provoking. As we have said many times, decide on what your bike will be for and where you plan to ride it. Besides your budget, everything else essentially flows from those two standards.