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Developing a Hobby: Container Gardening

If your home offers limited area for gardening, an interesting option would be container gardening. Given their reduced size, container gardens will not consume as much of your time. We will share with you some of the other great things you can do with container gardening while having a good time too.

Container Type

The first thing to think about is what sorts of containers are available for container gardening and which ones would suit you best. Of the many, many containers available for your container garden; you could use buckets, old shoes, and tin cans, just to name a few. If you choose a wood container, you need wood that has not been chemically treated and remember that wood will most likely end up rotting after awhile. If water sits in the container, it will have ill effects on the plants; therefore you will need to allow adequate drainage. It’s also usually better to choose light colored containers, because dark colors absorb heat which can be harmful to your plants. You should match the size of the container want to use with the size of the plant you intend on placing in it. You need to provide enough room for your plants, whatever you decide on growing; with sufficient area to flourish in.

You can have a healthy container garden that’s indoors. This kind of garden will fit right in with those who do not have adequate room outside their home; or have plenty of room inside their home. Given the lack of space in your yard; you can put them out on your deck, if you have one, inside would be fine too.

Sunlight Source

It’s best to keep them near a window so they can get sunlight, but if this isn’t possible you can still use artificial lighting as a substitute. Herbs do very will inside and if you place them in or near your kitchen; you will have them close at hand. The same is true for vegetables you want to use in salads, such as lettuce, cucumbers or cherry tomatoes.

A huge plus with this sort of garden is that you will end up with the best of both worlds, plus you have the option to choose whether you would like to place your containers inside or outside. Depending on the plants and time of year, you can easily move your containers in or outdoors whenever you want.

When you get your plants to root in the ground outside, they will be open to changeable weather patterns, plus many different pests. Although, if you have a container garden and the weather becomes gray and worrisome you can easily move the containers from outside to inside. This also suggests that you can be capable of growing your plants any time of the year, even the ones that ordinarily could not stay alive during the winter. Container gardening gives you the freedom and flexibility to move your plants around to make sure they have the best conditions all year.

Wherever you decide to put your container garden, consider the type of plants that you use before putting the seeds in the soil. If your container garden is going to be inside, and you get exotic plants, you may want to adjust the interior temperature of your home accordingly. Plus, there are many other benefits to container garden that you will discover as you try this out yourself.