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As a Facility Manager, it’s wise to at least have a hold on some of these common terms and concepts, while at the same time having an understanding of how they apply to your office cleaning services. Some companies focus on being one “big name” when it comes to commercial cleaning services, but that doesn’t mean they are the best for you, or necessarily the cheapest. Instead, think about how much you can save by using an office cleaning service, which includes not only the building and grounds cleanliness issues, but also things like restroom issues, or the behavior and personality of certain employees. Here are some other terms you should be familiar with when choosing a commercial cleaning company for your office:

Commercial Cleaners

Does the company provide general commercial cleaning services, or does it specialize in a specific area? This will depend upon whether or not the company already has a lot of experience in the area of the facility that you need cleaned. For example, if you’re working in an industrial facility, you don’t want to use a company that specializes in residential cleanliness. It is usually best to choose a office janitorial service Charlotte company that handles multiple areas in a facility.

Office Disinfection

Just what is meant by an office disinfection service? This is when the office cleaning company uses chemicals like chlorine, which kills germs, and dyes, which kill off spores. It is a sanitary measure recommended for all types of businesses, whether they be public or private. The sanitization process kills bacteria, which in turn makes it much easier for employees to breath and work in peace.